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Date: Thursday, December 15, 2006

This book is an account of how I found out about the attacks on 9/11 on February 11, 2001 on a trip out to New York from San Francisco. The information I was able to put together was as follows:

The al Qaeda terrorists were planning an enormous terrorist attack on the US aimed at destroying the World Trade Center Towers.

The al Qaeda terrorists were going to hijack four large aircraft in midair departing from eastern airports.

The planes would be of type 767 and 757.

They would use four to five al Qaeda terrorists per plane using concealed four inch knives as weapons, to hijack these planes.

They would fly these hijacked aircraft to the sides World Trade Center Towers.

The terrorists would be in place and ready to carry out this attack by September 1, 2001, and would carryout this attack some where between September 1 and September 14, 2001.

On February 14, 2001, I stood in front of these buildings to see if I could possible envision them continuing to stand after sustaining collisions from large commercial aircraft. I quickly concluded they would in almost all certainly collapse. Both the open floor plan combined with the estimated 100,000 pounds of aviation fuel in each plane was going to cause these structures to collapse.

On September 8, 2001, I went through Logan airport to see if I could spot the al Qaeda terrorists who were going to hijack these airplanes in front of the airport departure security points surveying the security procedures to find out how they could get their weapons, the four inch knives through security without alerting security personnel. I apparently missed seeing them by just a few hours.

On September 11, 2001 after the attack, I immediately contacted the FBI field office in Boston and gave them this information. Not only myself but almost every single person in my company was aware of this attack.

When I was not re-contacted by Boston FBI, after I returned back to San Francisco I gave this information to the FBI field office in San Francisco, and in to the field office San Jose.

When the Joint Inquiry Committee of the House and the Senate had their investigation of 9/11, I gave them this information and the FBI reports on how I had known about the events on 9/11, to one of their investigators a Michael Jackson, and to Rick Cinquergrana, who at one time was in charge of this investigation.

On April 13-14, 2004 I gave this information to the 9/11 Commission.

After listing to the testimony of George Tenet on April 14, 2004 and still unable to figure out whey they could not have figured this out prior to 9/11, and prevent these attacks, I went back to research all of the information from these investigations to find the truth behind why they did not prevent these attacks. I also started to put this into a book on this research. It was not until late July of this year, 2006 that I was able to finally find the missing pieces I had been looking for and finally understand what went so terribly wrong, what was the real reason that 3000 people were killed in a entirely preventable attack on 9/11.

Robert Schopmeyer/Author Prior Knowledge of 9/11

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