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Prior Knowledge of 9/11 details how a businessman had become aware of the upcoming events of 9-11 in February 2001, while on a business trip to New York.

This book describes how the events of 9/11 had been uncovered seven months prior to the actual event, and why even with this detailed knowledge, there was no way to stop the attack. The book also details the two official investigations of 9/11, and poses the question why the FBI and CIA were not able to uncover this plan of 9/11, when they had significantly more in-depth information than a businessman from Palo Alto. (See Book reviews, Prior Knowledge of 9/11).

Buy the compelling new book "PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF 9/11" by Robert Schopmeyer, to get all the intricate details of the CIA's culpability in the 9/11 disaster.


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